MONDAY, 27. 06. 2022
Nočna 10ka was on fire!

16. Nočna 10ka was again as we knew it in the "good old days". Lively, loud, dynamic, fun, sociable, homely, emotional, with cream puffs, the band Joške vn and a crowd of runners from all over and places, who after three years again rubbed the night asphalt in Bled. What a finale for the last fifteen years when we hung out, laughed, met and competed!
The victory was once again won by Primož Kobe, our old acquaintance, ahead of Jani Mulej, who was once again in second place, and the young Jošt Žnidaršič, who had to concede victory in the last slope. Kobet's protégé Ana Štefulj from Croatia beat all female competitors, the other was "our almost Blejčanka" Neja Kršinar, and the success of Happy Gym was complemented by Neža Žerjav. There were no surprises in the barefoot; Jani Mihovec was too strong for everyone, Grega Derlink was second and Borut Likozar third. The four-leaf clover was completed by Iztok Možina. Only two girls, but a great runner: Simona Zupanc won, and the other was "our" Irena Gruntar - Maca.

All results are here: https://www.timingljubljana.si/rezultati.aspx?IDtekme=4131&tip=B

Photos are collected here, behind the lenses hid: Vid Ponikvar, Siniša Kanižaj (Sportida), Gregor Bizjak and Jane Jankovski.

Finish line: this chapter of Night 10ke is over. We need a few days, weeks to gather thoughts, remember everything beautiful and look ahead. This is followed by a lengthy summary and review. There was a lot of everything. Given your exceptional response, we would like to continue to share Fridays, greetings and congratulations to you and with you in the future. Do you have any suggestions, hints, wishes? Trust us, it just won't work without you. vitezi@vitezi.net

It was an honor and a joy for us.

Thanks to all the sponsors (Coca Cola, GG Bled, Hervis, Hoka One One, Vzajemna, Ice Power, Conditus, Ozara and others), partners, volunteers and visitors who contributed their part to the great event. We created magical things together.

Your Knights