FRIDAY, 23. 04. 2021
Bled Virtual Nočna 10ka

Dear runners,

Unfortunately, we ran out of time to be able to wait and hope for a favorable outcome of the pandemic before this summer, which would again enable mass and social events, as well as our and your favorite Nočna 10ka.
Our project requires several months of preparation and coordination with other partners and suppliers. Even if the situation improves by the summer, the event cannot be set up overnight - to provide resources and infrastructure, permits, consents and invitations to runners as well as volunteers, we would simply run out of time. To keep Nočna 10ka alive as a recognizable social project and brand, the only way is to set this year's project in a adapted way as proposed. We are aware that you - participants who represent the heart and soul of our event will be the most disadvantaged - but at the same time we believe that in the current situation, your understanding will help us to continue in the future.

So how will Nočna 10ka 2021 look like?

- the date of the event remains 26.6.2021,
- the event will not be a night event, but will take place during the day, between 10 am and 8 pm,
- the start of the run will be on the Promenade (close to the classic start at the Festival Hall), the finish in the Rowing Center,
- the starts of the runs will be in groups, according to the number of people who will be able to socialize on the run according to the valid measures,
- the start of an individual run will be possible every hour (if up to 100 will be allowed) or more often (if only up to 10 people will be allowed),
- in order to ensure measures and social distance, the start will be without a start protocol and the runner is considered to start when he activates the chip on the start mat,
- all registered will receive an e-mail in the weeks before the event with the option of choosing the start time. A specific date will close when it is selected by the maximum number of people allowed,
- no more than an hour before the start, the participant at the finish (in the Rowing Center) will be able to pick up a goodie bag with a T-shirt, chip, drink, cream cheese, gifts from sponsors and a medal,
- due to the all-day event, the route will not run on a state road, but on sidewalks, promenades and a local road (most of the route will be the same as previous years),
- due to the all-day event, the track will not be closed for walkers and other visitors to Bled, so each runner will have to watch out for other road users,
- after reaching the finish line, each competitor will have to leave the finish area as soon as possible,
- each participant will also receive a measuring chip in a bag and will also have an officially measured time when crossing the start and finish mats,
- in the target area (4km, 10km) there will also be a snack bar with Romerquelle and CocaCola drinks in bottles,
- there will be no organized parking due to the situation, nor will there be changing rooms or transport,
- Gathering of fans and volunteers in the target area will not be allowed.
- All participants will have to follow all the recommendations and requirements of the NIJZ and official bodies upon arrival at the venue.
- Fans will NOT be allowed to hang out at this event.
- Those who will not be able to come to Bled will be able to run virtually, they will mark this in advance in the registration form - they will receive a goodie bag (without creamcake) by post, and they will be able to send the virtual running time later.
- Anyone who has already registered but has NOT yet confirmed the application with payment and wants to participate in this year's event can make the payment until 21.5.2021.

* if no socializing is allowed on the day of the event or the event will not be possible, Nočna 10ka will be completely virtual this year as well.

Thank you for persevering and running with us. Nočna 10ka will celebrate its 15th anniversary without a real celebration, socializing and the much-desired party with the group Joške vn, but we will run. All day. In Bled. Welcome to your Bled adventure, with the creamcake and the medal. We will be happy to welcome you.

Your Knights of Good Running
*Vitezi Dobrega Teka