THURSDAY, 03. 06. 2021
Choose your running time!

Dear runners,

in 3 weeks we will meet in Bled in an all-day event.

We are in full preparation for our running event of the year, but to cover all the details, we ask you to participate.

On the form below, please select the time you would like to run at our event. There are 9 dates available, starting between 11 am and 7 pm.
There are 100 seats available for each term. Once the appointment is filled, it will no longer be available on the form.

If you were to run virtually, you can do this between June 20th and 27th. Select the last option on the form. I will send you a form to submit the result later (watch, applications, etc. )


Thank you for your cooperation, we wish you a lot of health, easy kilometers and optimism!

Vitezi Dobrega Teka