MONDAY, 22. 06. 2020
How to enter your result - Virtualna 10ka

Dear Virtualna 10ka runners!
In 5 days we have a race. A REAL RACE!

Now is the time to:
- define a fast, flat, interesting and striking track,
- prepare yourself mentally and rest physically,
- Invite friends and colleagues to the race to make the challenge even more interesting,
- race at full speed,
- submit a result and enjoy!

YOU WILL SUBMIT THE RESULT ON THIS LINK, ON SATURDAY from 10.00 onwards. The link for submitting the result will be active until Sunday, 28.6. until midnight.

Mandatory data are name (Ime), surname (priimek), time achieved (Dosezeni cas) at 10 km, proof of the achieved result (link to the activity or photo of the watch, application ...). Finally, you will select the category (running Tek, barefoot running - Bosi tek, Nordic walking). If you enter an email, you will also receive an electronic confirmation of the submitted time (in slovene).

The REAL MEDAL arrives in the mail next week, along with an Icepower tube, a water bottle voucher, and a sweepstakes coupon (and a towel whoever ordered it).
If you have changed your address within the time of registration, please let us know as soon as possible.

The two (male, female) absolute winners receive each pair of Hoka Clifton Edge, and the category winners receive an Icepower tube. Among all those who will submit their result and post pictures of your run on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, tag @nocna10ka), we are drawing an additional pair of Clifton Edge!

Virtual Nočna10ka is already waiting for you, it will be crazy experience!
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