FRIDAY, 18. 06. 2021
Navodila za Nočno 10ko


Rowing center Bled, Župančičeva 9 (traditional venue Nočne 10ke)
The registration service will be open between 9 am and 7 pm,
At the registration service, everyone on the start list receives a goody bag containing:

Start number with chip,
Running T-shirt Nočna 10ka in the size you previously selected,
Aquarius drink from our general sponsor Coca-Cola,
Creamcake Conditus,
Medal Night 10ka 2021 and
Hervis gift certificates.

Parking in the Rowing Center on the day of the event will not be possible! It will only be possible to stop for a short time for the purpose of picking up the numbers (on the bus at the roundabout, mark the vehicle accordingly, any longer parking there may be sanctioned by municipal wardens)
Parking in Bled is possible in public parking lots - LIST OF FOUND HERE - some are also free.
Receive gift packages before your run (due to the measuring chip).
Wardrobes are not available this year.
The start list was renumbered for easier processing. YOU CAN FIND HER HERE.


The start of the run is at the standard location between the Festival Hall and below the Municipality of Bled,
The start will be marked by a Hervis inflatable bow and measuring mat and a corridor made of fences,
There will be no starting procedures! You start when you arrive at the venue, according to the time you have chosen. You can start at any time in the time window up to half an hour earlier to half an hour later, depending on your chosen date (except for the first group, which cannot start before 10.00 and the last, which cannot start after 19.00, because there will be no timing carpets).
We recommend that you avoid crowds and start individually or in small groups (if you are together).
If you have not selected a start time, you can come at any time between 12 noon and 4 pm.
The running route is almost the same as our standard route, the difference is that it does NOT run along the main road, but along the sidewalks and walking paths around the lake (or along the edge of the road where there is no sidewalk).
Critical points of the route will be marked with signs, and kilometer markings will also be placed.
There will be no closure of roads and paths, the run will take place along traffic and walkers, so follow the traffic regulations and other road users! This time 10ka will not be exactly for records, so you should do a nice, enjoyable run.
When you run 6 km (again past the start), there you run not over the measuring mat but past it.
Follow the instructions of the stewards and the situation on the route, if necessary, help the other participants.


An Aquarius bottle refreshment room will be set up in the Rowing Center (at 4 and 10 km). Containers for empty bottles will be available at the exit of the Rowing Center, where you can throw them.
Please do not dispose of bottles elsewhere along the track or even in nature.
The target will be marked with an inflatable CocaCola bow and a measuring mat.
When you reach the finish line over the finish timing mat, your end time is recorded. All results will be announced after the event.
After reaching the finish line, each competitor will have to leave the finish area as soon as possible.
Gathering of fans in the target area will not be allowed.
All participants will have to follow all the recommendations and requirements of the NIJZ and official bodies upon arrival at the venue.
Security: follow the instructions of the guards at the scene.
Sanitary facilities: There will be two chemical toilets on site.
Medical service: she will be on duty at the venue throughout the event between 10 am and 8 pm.
The finish carpet will be remowed no later than 20.30.


Anyone who has chosen Virtual 10k will receive the gift package (without cream cheese and drinks) by post no later than 24.6.
You can drain your virtual 10ko at any time from Friday 18.6. until Sunday 27.6.
You submit the result on THIS FORM, which you also received by e-mail.
The results of the Virtual 10k will be published on 27.6. in the evening.
Anyone who has not previously chosen the Virtual 10, but will still not be able to come to Bled, will receive a gift package (without cream cheese and drinks) in the mail in the week after the event.

Knights of the Good Run

Vitezi Dobrega Teka