WEDNESDAY, 10. 06. 2020
Nočna 10ka again in 2021


Dear runners,
⭐️Nočna10ka is a synonym for summer socializing in Bled, for healthy recreation, for exceptional energy and a fantastic atmosphere. And for the creamcakes, night run and Joške vn :) ⭐️

Unfortunately, none of this, due to the situation in which we find ourselves - and the accompanying restrictions - can't be staged. Even if the situation calms down completely by the end of the summer, such a demanding project cannot be set up overnight. We want to impress the multi-thousand-strong crowd of running and socializing people at Nočni 10ki as good as we did before. That is why we invite you to Bled again next year, on the jubilee 1️⃣5️⃣. Nočna10ka,which will be held on June 26th, 2021!

⭐️This year, 14. Nočna10ka will be Virtual 10k. A few places are still available; for all those to whom running on our 10k still means a lot. On 27.6. we will run in all corners of Sloveniaas well as beyond, as we have registered quite a few foreign runners. Big thank you goes to our partners Coca Cola Slovenia, Hervis, Hoka, Ice power and Conditus, who will take care of interesting and rich prize games in the coming weeks. We are also preparing a special surprise with our "house band" Joške vn.⭐️

The decision was difficult, there is a lot of disappointment in our tam as well. But we look ahead, positively and decisively. Nočna 10ka returns in all its glory next year. We transfer all applications and paid entry fees in full to the next year, and if that is+t oka with you, you should contact us to vitezi@vitezi.net and together we will find a suitable solution.

Good luck runners, thank you for being with us! For this fall we will introduce to you another challenge to stay in shape and sharp :)

2020 is ours!