FRIDAY, 25. 03. 2016
Salming Miles as our official running shoe

The purpose of the Salming Miles running shoe is to add a more cushioned shoe without compromising the Salming concept and principles. It is built to stand the tear and wear of long distance asphalt and tarmac running. Miles has a 4 mm drop construction but compared to the popular and award winning Distance model, Miles has more hell and fore foot cushioning and the new responsive Recoil midsole compound.

  • The toe box is more roomy than on Distance in order to provide a possibility for the fore foot to expand properly in tha landing phase.
  • The TGS62/75 allow the shoe to flex in correlation with the foots moving pattern making it biomechanically optional.
  • The material in the midsole is a newly developed compound named RECOIL™ which absorbs negative impact forces and releases a higher rebound energy effect in the toe off phase.
  • A two layer upper construction including the Exo Skeleton, adds durable abilities while keeping the weight at a minimum.
  • The Exo Skeleton design stabilizes the foot in lateral movements and releives pressure at the MTP joints.
  • Torsion Efficiency Unit™ provides responsiveness without being overly supportive. It is appropriately placed to generate maximal running efficiency.