MONDAY, 26. 06. 2017
Usefull information before the race

Participant information

1. Parking is free of charge on selected areas surrounding the Finish area (500m) and around Bled. Please, follow the instructions of the security personnel! There will be also shuttle bus available.

2. Race numbers must be picked up in the Finish area. First, pick up the envelope with race number and coupon band inside and then proceed to the Goody bag distribution point. Be careful with coupons not to lose them. After the race, you’ll be able to pick up one slice of “Kremšnita” with one of them!

3. Goody bag distribution point is located just right of Race number pick-up piont.

4. Baggage drop-off point is located in the same tent as Goody bags - right of the entrance. Drop off is possible with the SPECIAL TICKET you’ll get in race number envelope. Pick up is possible with bib number only – from 17:00 until 24:00.

5. The 10k race starts at 22:00 in center of Bled – 2 km stroll from the Finish area clockwise direction. Make sure to arrive on time!
All spectators, who wants to go back to the finish line from the start, can use shuttle service in front of Festivalna dvorana at 22.15. Walking back on the course is forbidden.

6. Kids’ run starts at 20:00 (up to 6 years old) and at 20:10 (rest) and takes place at the Finish area.

7. Children Night care operates from 19:00 until 24:00. It is located in an special white tent next to the Concert area.

8. Recreational run (1200m) starts at 18:00 and also takes place at the Finish area.

9. Wear your Coupon band during the run! It is useful for extra protection since it is highly reflective and it will get served your “Kremšnita” right after the Finish line. Assistance regarding putting on your Coupon band shall be provided at the Race number puck-up point.

10. There are three extra water stations available for runners: two at the 4 km and 7 km mark, and one after the Finish line. Water and PowerAde shall be served. Additionally, every runner receives a bottle of water after the Finish line.

11. You can exchange your coupon for “Kremšnita” right after you finish the race close to where you picked up your race number.

12. Medical service with an Ambulance shall be ready for cases of emergency at the Finish area. In case of injury, find the nearest security guard in blue T-shirt with “Nočna 10ka” written on the back!

13. Runners shall be accompanied with two vehicles during the 10k run – one in the front and one at the end.

14. Race will start in 3 waves – first for runners under40, next under 50 min, third for all of the rest. Go to appropriate sector.

15. The use of headlamp advised during the run.

16. Time measurement is provided by Bibtag chip on your bib number. Don’t detach the device until after the race.

17. In case you would like also to compete in “Barefoot” category, please let us know at the race number pick-up or latest at the start area where you can also leave your shoes (the shoes can be picked up at the baggage pick-up point).

18. Victory ceremony shall take place immediately after all the fastest runners crosses the finish line at around 23:10.

19. Finish area contains enough garbage bins and porta potties– please use them. Thank you!


For more info contact us: vitezi@vitezi.net – 00386 41 709 531 Marko